12th February 2019
The following Studio clients attended a Kellogg’s Cornflakes Commercial Audition last Wednesday in London.
Maria G 
Kristina J 
Charlie F 
Cleonice R 
Maisie E
Nadia C
Arianna D
Anna H 
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29th January 2019

Well done Tushar who can be seen here

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7th January 2019

Here is the brief for which the casting director at Lauren Evans casting specifically asked to see Casey: JACKSON M (Male, 18 – 24) Description: (17) is Head Boy. He’s never failed at anything in his life. He’s popular, crazy-hot and a future Olympic swimming champion. We need a total hottie with a great physique and someone who is a very strong swimmer!

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27th December 2018
If selected this job pays: £350 + £2,800 buyout.
Have all been asked to attend.
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21st December 2018
Eight Studio clients have been selected for a Pizza Hut Commercial Casting  in London.
Maayan B , who came to see us on 20th January in Camden, is one of them and features here.
If selected this job pays £880
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2nd December 2018

Our beautiful clients have a Bosche casting… Ran X 5′ 10″ (09/03/2016) Yajuan L 5’7″ (14/12/2016) Theo C 5′ 11″ (24/02/2018)

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30th November 2018

The following studio clients are attending an AVON casting: Isabel T Sarah S Lorna K Lauren H And here is what a successful candidate is looking at…

BSF 300 TV & Online + £4,000 buyout for 3 months spread over 1 x year TV & Internet UK only to include 1 x still taken from TVC for use in brochure OR
BSF 300 BSF + Online only + £ 750 buyout UK.
If they decide to air on TV they will be the remaining £ 3,250.
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13th November 2018

Every kid likes their Cadbury’s – in fact so do their parents!   Good luck to Kareena T who came to our Birmingham studio with mum back in July 2017

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2nd November 2018

The following Studio clients have been selected for a Virgin Media Commercial Casting. If selected this job pays £350 BSF plus a £2700 buyout. Llilya S Zina B Saarah M Kelvin D Azan S Krzysztofa S Diana B Sheila O Casey W Ayaan R Katie McD Andrew D Amber T Fatima A Joanne W

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23rd October 2018

10 clients have been chosen to attend an exciting ASDA commercial casting – for £2,300! As they say – every penny helps… Here is a message from one:

Just wanted to let you know that I’m going for my first casting today at pineapple studios for an Asda commercial. Dead excited, not sure what to expect but you only live once right?
Thanks again,
Dr Lucy H

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15th October 2018

Shangeth R came to see us in London on 8th July 2017 and filmed an FA Cup film recently.

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8th October 2018

Our gorgeous teen queen Tanya M has been selected for a Fanta Commercial.

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11th September 2018
If selected this job pays: £680 plus expenses.
Casting Brief: 
Looking for Mums aged/look 40-55 years old for Tesco – Love food stories
Looking for Mums aged/look 25-35 years old for Tesco – Love food stories
These do not need to be real Mums but believable.
Clients chosen:
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1st September 2018

Claudia F strikes again – this time with Haribo. Last time with McDonalds. What is with all the unhealthy food Claudia?

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31st August 2018
Just to let you know the following clients have been confirmed to attend a Casting for a Moonpig Commercial TOMORROW in London. If successful this job pay £1,900 plus expenses. 

Nathan L, Jessica T, Lorraine De A , Marie G , Kate H, Amelia A, Stacey A, Vicki J , Dominika S , Tammy B , Kimberly M, Charlie & Oliver M-A

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2nd August 2018

Sarah (London studio 23rd Jan 2018) will be on our TV screens soon after filming a McDonalds ad in March We’re lovin’ it!

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28th May 2018

We have just had confirmation form their agency that the following Clients are confirmed to attend an Apple – iPhone X Commercial casting in London on Thursday 12th April 2018 if selected the pay for this job is £3,500 buyout.

Ben F
Bradley M R
Gaetan N
Bernadett S
Gabrielle B
Abbie B
Tania R
Saffet K
Freja B
Freddie I
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23rd April 2018

Shayaan J came to see us in Manchester 24th September 2017 – casting with Chand Casting

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13th April 2018

I would like to thank James for helping me in a field that I hardly know about, he gave me the time to explain how the model industry works. James explained a lot of important things to me and since our chat I have read the model guide and looked into it in more detail, I can now say I’m happy to go ahead and push my son in his model career. The studio has been an invaluable support in this field and look forward to keeping in touch if I need anymore help. Thank you James  

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27th March 2018

All at the studio are proud of Koran (London studio on 24th Sept 2016) for this brave look at discrimination.

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23rd March 2018

Hey There,

I guess you are nervous and have doubts,

Well you are not alone, When I went on my first photoshoot in my life, I had no clue what I am doing.

But I had a fantastic day at their Studio in London, the photographer made me feel comfortable and helped me find the right poses. The whole team was welcoming and at the end I left with some of the best pictures taken from me. Thanks to the assessment and patient explanation about the modelling industry I have a clear guide on what I need to do. The most amazing that I haven’t been left alone after the shoot James my agency referral keep sending me advice and if you are following their advice agencies will contact you. Still worried, why don’t you check my page at

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23rd March 2018

Hello my name is Paul H, I recently went on a photo shoot at Great Tichfield street on 15/02/18 “After my shoot I then going in contact with the studios team. I spoke to a gentleman called James whom is part of Agency Referral Team. Yet again another person of inspiration and showed great enthusiasm and professionalism. This gentleman was all so helpful and directed me as to what is the next process for me and how I go about getting noticed, the advice was given was priceless. I acted straightaway and now I have a casting and I am going to Mr British Isles Elegant 2018 Model Competition. I just want to say a massive big thank you to all the team throughout all the departments you all were such a big help and your words of wisdom and encouragement has gone along way.”

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4th March 2018

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to James at the Agency Referral Team for being so brilliant.
When you first enter into the modelling world…you have lots of guidance and paperwork to read which is all very daunting, but then the next step is even more so and you feel very lost and unsure…..well no need to feel that way, James and the referral team has your back with an amazing wealth of knowledge, guidence and suggestions to help you progress in the industry….if you’re not sure what to do or how to get yourself where you need to be, then give these amazing people a ring, as i found out, they are more than happy to help.

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4th March 2018
The following Studio clients have been selected for a McDonald’s Commercial Casting Today in London if selected the Pay will be £970.
Jakub R
Johanna C
Izzy K
Jordan A H
James W C
Rhys R-C
Jianru L
Laura C B
Fiona F
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12th February 2018

Hiya to all. Just thought I’d share my good news with you. Not only will I be live with the agency but also won a scholarship too. I have so much gratitude for the opportunity you have given me not just with the photos, but never expected to be chosen. Had a great day with everyone and I love my portfolio. Sending my love and thanks to you all xx xxxx

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12th February 2018
The below 4 Studio clients have been chosen for a CK casting at Spotlight that has come through.
4 models have been chosen :
Matthew W J
James S
Oscar M
Samual H
This is not an underwear commercial, it is a SPORTS WEAR / SLEEPWEAR commercial – modelling the new range of clothing. If you are successful and the director likes your initial self tape, a further re call will be given to those models who they would like to meet in person before finalising the models. Good Luck!
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12th February 2018

“My name is Matt and thanks to The Studio referral team I have recently secured myself an audition for a Calvin Klein commercial! I couldn’t have done this without their help channeling my image into the industry in a productive way through their quality contacts. This thanks also to their photography session with me. They’ve successfully put me in front of numerous modelling agencies and literally within a week I am getting exciting offers of work with major companies. Moreover, the photos taken by them have been incredibly effective to help me market myself on social media platforms and to improve my Spotlight CV. Thanks so much!”

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12th February 2018
The following studio clients have been selected for a Boots Idents commercial Casting for Loose Women (ITV) TOMORROW (Tuesday 13th Feb 2018) if selected this job pays £250 plus £1200 buy out BSF
Megan J 
Fleurette W 
Evie-Mae D 
Charles S-B 
Jade C
Rohan P 
Ephraim M 
Mya H
George Q 
Nathan D
Stacey-Marie H
Charlie-Jo S 
Carol P 
Adetoke A
Adeoluwa A
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29th January 2018

Jackie M who attend a Vodafone Casting on 15/01/18 The casting was on Monday 15th January at: Spotlight, London with Casting Director: Will Best.  

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22nd January 2018

Cong’s to a great start to you career Maisie E who has been selected for a Photographic Shoot for H&M.

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15th January 2018

JOHNNY M came to see us in December 2017 and is now going to a Nokia casting for the role of a Groom at a wedding

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6th December 2017

Rahul came to see us in March’17 and has kept in touch. He recently did a job for Diet Coke and had this to say: “Hi James, hope you are doing well, i got some opportunities to work as an model and extra.

I am happy the way things are going. Star now helped me a lot.
I have recently work as an extra for diet coke Christmas advert, and famus 8 ball pool game.”
Great to hear about your success Rahul. Hope there are a lot more commercial modelling jobs out there for you.
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28th November 2017

We are more than delighted to have had the following Studio clients chosen for a BBC casting on the 30th November 2017 for their upcoming drama Les Miserables. Good luck to: Amelia D (6 years) from Surrey, with us for her shoot on the 23rd October in London Brody B (5 years) who came to see us in Birmingham on 23rd September 2017 Jack C (13 years) from Gloucester who was with us on 22nd October 2017 Roman A (6 years) from Enfield in London who came in 12th August 2017 Nikodem P (9 years) who saw us in London on 11th April 2017 Zakary M (9 years) who is travelling from Birmingham where he saw us on 19th November 2017 (just a few weeks ago!) Vital and gripping new 6 x 1-hour adaptation by multi-award-winning Andrew Davies of the Victor Hugo classic novel LES MISERABLES – one of the greatest works in Western literature which depicts the hero Jean’ Valjean’s primal struggle with society, examines the nature of law and grace. All six episodes are to be directed by the superb Tom Shankland. This is a Lookout Point/BBC Studios production for the BBC.

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21st November 2017

Here was the brief for the casting:

Chinese Man (Male, 16 – 25 years old)

They should be young, cool, street. While they should be attractive and sample size, It is more important that they have the right attitude than traditional model looks. IMPORTANT: the models will be photographed with dogs so they musn’t be scared of them!!! Actually if they have a dog, can they bring them to the casting? THEY HAVE TO BE OF CHINESE HERITAGE.

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21st November 2017

Great start to Ava’s career and she is joined by Anaya A, Kareena K, and Isabella R – all 8 years old.

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21st November 2017

The following clients have been selected and confirmed to attend a casting for ITV Idents on 16/11/17 in London. This Job pays £1540 if the client is selected. Amy H , Lily C, Edward J G , Chelsea B , Ashleigh D, and Loretta D.

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21st November 2017

Kaylee V from Braunton will be competing for the UK against models from around the world on Saturday, November 4th and is hoping to be catapulted on to the global catwalk when she takes part in the prestigious Face of the World competition. Kaylee V, 23, will be among those representing the UK when she attends the top fashion event at Burlington Hotel in Birmingham on Saturday.

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3rd November 2017
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and The Studio for referring Breyton to the respective agencies. We have made contact with them and registered with two so far. Breyton has also been submitted for a TK Maxx job which we await news on.
I cannot speak more highly of you and the team as your service has been exceptional. From the first point of contact with Tiarna setting up our photo shoot in Camden, feedback with Dani following the shoot, to your contact letting us know what was happening and the next steps, it has been a very smooth and easy journey so far.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your Studio and thank you, once again, for everything you have and are still doing for Breyton.
Kind regards
Rayne (mum)


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12th October 2017

This will be a fun one for the kids. A number of clients (from across the UK) have been submitted to a campaign for a Peppa Pig Commercial to be shot in Italy.

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4th October 2017

Thank you so much for your help. Speaking to you has really helped me understand this industry. I will ensure to stick to the 6 month plan and refer to the models guide. Being connected with your studio has allowed me to become more confident and put myself out there. Recently I have featured in two music videos as a dancer, one being released worldwide on MTV India for an Urban Desi artist called Raxstar and the other is yet to be released for a new artist called kadam varma. Here is the link to one of the music videos.
(I’m the one wearing the red cap and nearer the end wearing a blue checkered shirt)
Thank you
Vinny M
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4th October 2017

4 Studio clients have been chosen for an NSPCC casting today!!!

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3rd October 2017

They are looking for ‘Real People’, diverse group, all ages (INC CHILDREN), all ethnicities from all across the UK. Campaign will be featured on billboards, posters etc. Fee: £8000 inc per recognised model, to inc shoot & usage. This is an example of the type of castings our contacts are successfully finding for their clients.

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2nd October 2017

Well done to Zaynah B and Taya M for their casting today. Here is what they could get: Agreements: Children: 1 featured girl 1 feature boy 1 back-up (confirmation fee of £185. Will need to be fully licenced and able to travel in case of last minute drop-out of one of the children) £185 BSF for up to 3 rehearsals and 2 shoot days £150 per hour for any vocal recording 50% Travel for 2 travel days £50 Recall £50 Wardrobe Chaperones @ £90 per day for 2 travel, up to 3 rehearsal and 2 shoot days £2,000 UK TV, UK Cinema, for non- consecutive 6 months from first air date

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1st October 2017

After coming to our Camden studio in February 2017, and impressing us with his grown up outfits, Qasim is on the right road to success with a Samsung commercial casting

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28th September 2017

An agency we work with received this brief: We are looking for a family of 6 to include Grandfather, Grandmother, Mother, Father, Daughter & Son. And 24 of our clients were put forward!

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26th September 2017

I would like to say a Huge thank you to all at Camden Studios especially to Carl, Jamal and Nikki for being so friendly leading to my son and I being so relaxed and content. Absolutely wonderful people

I would like to say a Huge thank you to all at Camden Studios especially to Carl, Jamal and Nikki for being so friendly leading to my son and I being so relaxed and content. Absolutely wonderful people

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18th September 2017

Our beautiful Aimee L (London Studio ) Has been chosen for a Young Model Campaign for ASOS!

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5th September 2017

'I had my photoshoot on the 23rd August at the studio in London and all the staff were so lovely and welcoming! It was extremely professional and I had a really great day! The consultation was amazing and I am so grateful for the incredible experience! Thank you so much to the whole team, I can't thank you enough!'


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5th September 2017

Jay only came to our studios on the 9th July and already has a casting for O2!

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5th September 2017

Francis N and Paul M have a chance to be in a commercial with TK Maxx

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5th September 2017

Congrats to Zayna B (14 years old), Mercedes T (12 years old), Taya M (13 years old) and Ella T (12 years old) who all attended a First Choice casting on 23rd August. Good luck on feedback and let us know the outcome.

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4th September 2017

London born and 4 foot 3 inches, Ammiel almost got the casting for Hugo Boss after attending our London studio in March 2017

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4th September 2017

Your never too old to get into commercial modelling – Nagat at 54 has a casting with primark

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4th September 2017

Sainsburys Casting for Oliver K (6 years old)

Good luck Oliver… Wardrobe Fittings: 12th-13th October Shoot Days: 16th-20th October

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1st September 2017

At 5 foot 3 inches Inah is finding work as a commercial model in Manchester

Our Manchester client Inah is penciled in for a shoot on the 27th August 2017

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17th August 2017

13 Studio clients are attending the casting – all sporty boys!

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16th August 2017
Ola G is 6ft 3 model and an actor, age 25, and has a 2 year old daughter who is joining him in an advert for Natwest.
Great news guys!
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15th August 2017

Good luck to Angad S and Monika K for their upcoming casting for GAP on 18th August…

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10th August 2017

Along with two other Studio clients that attended our Birmingham studio , Darren S had an audition for a Freesat commercial.

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