FIRST CHOICE Commercial – £185 – 2 clients chosen for casting

2nd October 2017

Well done to Zaynah B  and Taya M for their casting today.

Here is what they could get: Agreements: Children: 1 featured girl 1 feature boy 1 back-up (confirmation fee of £185. Will need to be fully licenced and able to travel in case of last minute drop-out of one of the children) £185 BSF for up to 3 rehearsals and 2 shoot days £150 per hour for any vocal recording 50% Travel for 2 travel days £50 Recall £50 Wardrobe Chaperones @ £90 per day for 2 travel, up to 3 rehearsal and 2 shoot days £2,000 UK TV, UK Cinema, for non- consecutive 6 months from first air date

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