Vodafone Commercial – £350 + travel to Germany

1st August 2017
The following models are in the running for the new vodaphone commercial (Mum and Dad Casting) filming in Germany!
Steve R
Martin P
Trudi F
Natalie S
Tracey A
Joanna B
Here is the job spec –
BSF: £350.00 (based on ten hours from call time to wrap time with a 45 minute lunch break)
Travel Days: £175.00
Wardrobe: £50.00 (no cap on timing for wardrobe)
Recall Fees: £50.00 
Overtime is charged at 1/5 BSF per hour up until midnight and 1/3 BSF per hour thereafter. 
**All talent fees will be subject to a 20% agency fee 
Buyout Options:
Option 1: £4,500.00 – to cover x 2 scripts (one main one, one shorter additional one, both part of the same campaign)
To Cover: 1 year / Germany / moving images: TV, POS & Internet/Online (incl. all social media) / stills (high res screen grabs from the recorded material): stills all media incl. new media
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