Wella shockwaves – 2 Studio Collective clients get the £3,000 job

10th August 2017

Here is the spec of the job for Wella that 11 Studio Collective clients have put forward for…

Two were selected:

Robert F

Alex W

I was given your info  as I am after male and female models (20-30 years of age) for a Wella shockwaves job coming up at the end of August (30th and 31st August) and then I would need them for a half day on either the 6th or 7th or 8th of September for a how 2 video with the Wella stylist.  We wouldn’t alter your models hair in anyway unless they wanted a trim and that’s about it.  I am after the attached styles of hair and faces if possible?  And I have £3,000+20% agency for your models if selected.

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